Master Classes Tour (Sekta Tour)

Sekta Tour: a conscious choice of the absolute majority.

Demo Demo (demonstration of 6 techniques/types of coloring). It will be useful for everyone: those who are just starting their journey in coloristics and techniques, those who have long been demanded professionals, and even those who have been into this for decades and are seeking to grow professionally in hair coloring.

The Demo will provide a detailed step-by-step overview of 6 full-fledged recent works: 

1. Going from at-home black to Total Blonde and professional technique

2. #HandTouch—a fast commercial coloring with an opportunity to correct the color and create various effects with any type of blonde and the distance from the roots

3. #AirTouch technique, including for gray hair ("camouflage" of gray hair using the AirTouch technique)

4. From regrowth technique to Total Blonde

5. Backcombing technique (Shatush)

6. We remove the Direct Pigment and transfer it to Total Blonde

6 models and 6 colorings on dyed and spotted base colors.

We look into simple day-to-day cases as well as the most complicated and unpredictable ones. 

The workshop will also cover the following topics:

  • Coloristics and neutralization
  • Making recipes and adapting to the hair structure
  • Highlights and all types of toning
  • Double toning and color correction in the sink
  • Pre-pigmentation
  • Smoothing the base color on wet and dry hair 
  • Working with the lightening background
  • Working with lightening products
  • Перенаправление и исправление цвета

There are much more topics that we will highlight, review in detail and reveal: from consultation to a conscientious organization of the highlighting process and completing the work.

The best way to consolidate the skills is through practice.

During the practical part of the master class, no one will be left behind. We'll answer everybody's questions, and you'll take an active part in the creative process, with a full awareness of every step.

While practicing, we plan and create effects, smooth uneven base colors, and learn to work in a conscientious manner.

Without being tied to brands, we teach you to think freely and create in a non-standard way, understanding what you're doing, so that you can create your own images with confidence. You will be able to handle any situation and apply new skills right after the training.

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If you still have questions or any problems making a purchase, please contact us via phone or email:

Organizer of the Hair Sekta Tour in Russia and CIS

Tel.: +7 (991) 975-99-00 (WhatsApp / Telegram)



You can also pay for participation IN INSTALLMENTS
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For all additional questions and those concerning payment in installments,
please contact us via phone or email:
Organizer of the Hair Sekta Tour in Russia and CIS
Tel.: +7 (991) 975-99-00 (WhatsApp / Telegram)



Registration (reservation) is carried out only after an advance payment

For registration (reservation), choose a date, city, and click the TICKETS button to proceed to purchasing 

You can pay in installments! For more information on installment plans and detailed payment terms, contact:

Organizer of the Hair Sekta Tour in Europe and other countries

Artem Balin

Tel.: +49 (173) 568-27-77 (WhatsApp / Telegram)


Spartak Kirakosian, founder of Hair Sekta

For 9 years Spartak has grown from a beginner in hairdressing to a top stylist and a successful entrepreneur. A man who once worked in a low budget salon and whose first business project was a failure, today has become:

  • Russia’s most popular instructor in hair coloring and complex techniques. To date, he gathers a large number of students in his training courses, giving 3-5 workshops every month.
  • The owner of Hair Sekta Salon, a profitable conceptual business project in the heart of Moscow.
  • The owner of cosmetics production facility in Moscow which covers all production processes, from preparation to dosage and packaging—full-cycle production. The brand has its own team of chemists who work on the development of new products and its own equipment. The turnover is growing 1.5-2 times monthly.
  • Founder of Hair Sekta, a company with more than 100 employees as of the beginning of 2023, and a monthly turnover estimated in the tens of millions of rubles (about $500,000).
  • The only owner, director and manager of Hair Sekta salon and cosmetics production. All the projects were created by Spartak’s team and implemented without investments, debts and loans—only through persistence and the opportunities that the profession of stylist and hairdresser offers.
  • Author of books about the life in the beauty industry: “Hands and Mind” and “F#ck It, We’ll Fix It”
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